VIRAL VIDEO: Homeschooling Christian Mother Of 10 Burns Teen Vogue Over An Article About Anal Sex

Hemant Mehta writes at the Friendly Atheist:

Elizabeth Johnston, a homeschooling Christian mother of 10 who goes by the name “The Activist Mommy” online, is furious that Teen Vogue has an article in its June issue about how to have anal sex.

Because how dare a magazine educate her children?! She tries very hard to keep them in a bubble, thank you very much, and this article attempts to teach teenagers who might be having sex how to do it safely and without hurting themselves. That’s blasphemy! Everyone knows painful sex is a warning from God.

The funniest thing about this is that she burns the magazine. As if supporters of Teen Vogue would be offended by that. We’re not religious fanatics who freak out over something like that. It’s a magazine. We’ll just get another copy… or read the article online. Is Johnston planning on burning a computer next?