Right Wing Watch Files FOIA Demand For Transcript Of Remarks AG Jeff Sessions Made To Hate Group

Miranda Blue reports at Right Wing Watch:

On Tuesday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered a speech to a “Summit on Religious Liberty” hosted by Alliance Defending Freedom, the behemoth Religious Right group that has led the fight to redefine religious liberty protections in an effort to make it easier to discriminate against LGBTQ people and others. Sessions’ speech was closed to the press and both the Justice Department and ADF are refusing to provide a transcript of his remarks to the public.

As Peter wrote on Tuesday: “The Alliance Defending Freedom is the largest of the Religious Right legal groups, engaging in culture war battles against LGBTQ equality and reproductive choice in the U.S. and increasingly around the globe. So why would the address of the attorney general to ADF, a group not normally shy about taking credit for its work, be closed to the media?”

In an attempt to answer that question, we’ve submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Justice Department seeking a transcript of Sessions’ speech and other information about his participation in the ADF event.