Pastor Bad Wig Prays To Protect Trump From Witches, Jinxes, Strokes, And Demons That Jump Into Dogs

Nutjob Pastor Lance Wallnau, who recently claimed that angels literally dusted his face with gold flakes because he loves Donald Trump, has delivered an “intercessory prayer” against the spells, hexes, and jinxes all those witches have been casting against the president. Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

As Wallnau explained it, the prayers of Christians have protected Trump from this witchcraft, which has caused the demons to then attack Trump’s family. “People are praying for the president, but they’re not necessarily praying for his family,” Wallnau said. “So right now, all those witchcraft curses that did not land on Donald Trump are trying to take out his kids, trying to take out his offspring, trying to attack anything near him.”

As evidence of this theory, Wallnau cited an incident in which a friend was once “casting a demon out of somebody” and the demon transferred itself into the family dog, which then jumped out of the car while it was driving down the highway and was killed. As such, Wallnau declared that “we take authority over every hex, vex, spell, jinx, satanic curse, blood curse, every demon assigned to destroy the health of the president, to destroy the health of his family, to harass him, to vex him, to cause him to lose sleep.”

As you’ll see below, Wallnau also protects Trump from having a stroke by “vetoing the stroke in Jesus’ name!” Stick around for bonus speaking in tongues.