Pastor Bad Wig Prays For God To “Take His Sword Out From Heaven” And Smite Trump’s Enemies [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Donald Trump–loving right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page last week in which he called on God to take His “sword out from heaven” and use it to deal with Trump’s enemies. “I love this guy,” Wallnau said after heaping praise on Trump for “talking about God all over the planet.”

“In the name of Jesus, Father, I cover him in the blood of Jesus,” Wallnau prayed. “I pray that you will cause every enemy to come against him to be broken, every weapon that is formed against him to be broken during this season on his life.”

“I pray, God, that you will take your sword out from heaven,” Wallnau continued. “We are not able to deal with these spirits, we ask you to take your sword and deal with these spirits and show your servants how to hide ourselves until this scourge is passed.”