Man Who Sued To Marry His Laptop Sues US House Democrats Over Pride Flags Outside Their Offices

Remember the nutcase who sued Apple in 2013 because his computer didn’t block him from accessing the porn which ruined his marriage? And then in 2014 when he attempted to intervene in one of Florida’s same-sex marriage cases so that he could marry that porn-filled laptop? And then last year when he tried the same thing in Texas? And then last month when he sued Utah on the same grounds? Well, he’s got a new ploy.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

Rep. Susan Davis and three other House members have been sued for displaying a rainbow flag in the hallways outside of their Capitol Hill offices. The plaintiff: Chris Sevier, an attorney who has an ongoing campaign against same-sex marriage and has also unsuccessfully sued states for the right to marry a laptop computer, to make a point about rulings on same-sex marriage.

Besides Davis of San Diego, Sevier also sued Reps. Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach, Don Beyer of Virginia and Earl Blumenauer of Oregon. All are Democrats. Sevier’s 38-page complaint asks the federal District Court in the District of Columbia to determine that “‘homosexuality’ and other forms of self-asserted sex-based identity narratives are a ‘religion,’” and that the colorful banners are a religious symbol for the “homosexual denomination.” He is seeking to force the members of Congress to remove the flags.

Sevier’s latest suit also demands the overturn of Obergefell and Lawrence V Texas, which struck down the remaining anti-sodomy laws across the country. For her part, Rep. Davis says the suit has only strengthened her resolve to support LGBT rights.

UPDATE: From Rep. Alan Lowenthal:

Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) vowed to fight a lawsuit today that seeks to force him to remove a historic Pride Flag from outside his Washington, D.C. Congressional office. Filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the suit claims that the plaintiff is “offended and injured by the placement of the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag,” and requests that the court order the flag removed and declared a “religious symbol,” homosexuality be declared a “religion,” and marriage equality be overturned nationwide. He is also seeking $1 in damages.

Congressman Lowenthal was the first Member of Congress to permanently fly the Pride flag outside his Capitol Hill office. Congressman Lowenthal first flew the Pride flag outside his DC office in March, 2013 (and inside his Long Beach district office) to show his solidarity with LGBT Americans, in support of marriage equality, and in opposition to discrimination and violence.

“I fly the Pride Flag outside my office in support of every LGBTQ individual—those in my district, those in our nation, and those around the world,” Congressman Lowenthal said. “It is a symbol of both how far we have come on equality for all Americans and, as these incidents illustrate, how far we still have to go. It is a symbol of love, of peace, and diversity. I will fight this hateful attempt to silence equality and justice. We have come too far to allow the voices of bigotry and hate to win.”