JURY PROBLEMS: Prosecutors Seek Gag Order On Pharma Douche After Courthouse Rant To Reporters

CNBC reports:

Federal prosecutors late Monday asked a judge to slap a gag order on “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli, three days after he blasted them as the “junior varsity” during a surprise courthouse rant to reporters covering his trial.

Those prosecutors said Shkreli’s off-the-cuff remarks, made against the desperate wishes of his lawyers, “risks tainting the jury,” according to a motion filed in Brooklyn, NY, federal court.

Prosecutors, who believe that Shkreli, 34, has resumed posting on Twitter under a pseudonym despite being banned from the social media platform earlier this year for harassing a female reporter, also want him barred by the judge from tweeting further about the case.

If they don’t get the gag order granted, prosecutors want a semi-sequestration of jurors to protect them from hearing or reading Shkreli’s comments during his trial on charges of securities fraud.

The below was retweeted by Shkreli’s new account.