ILLINOIS: GOP Governor Fires Just-Hired “Body Man” After Racist And Homophobic Tweets Are Exposed

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s “body man” — a hand-picked assistant chosen to travel with him — was terminated on his first day of the job after a series of homophobic and racially insensitive comments were found on his Twitter page. The exit is one of at least 20 since last week — when Rauner began a rash of firings, while others resigned in protest.

Ben Tracy was chosen by the administration to replace Kyle Haevers as the governor’s “body man,” who was told on Sunday that he was being moved to another department. Tracy was scheduled to attend both of the governor’s stops on Monday in Mt. Zion and Rockford.

More from Politico:

After another social media account started flagging the tweets Monday, Tracy’s account was put into a private, protected mode. But POLITICO obtained screen grabs of Tracy’s tweets, some dating back to 2013.

He repeatedly used the word “faggot” and in one, says “I bet you liked that #fag,” responding to someone who tweeted: “saying insanity bent me over and raped me would be an understatement.” Tracy did not respond to a request for comment.