Fox News Host Trish Regan: The US Should Send Assassins To North Korea And Kill “This Crazy Fat Kid”

Mediaite reports:

Appearing on Fox News’ Outnumbered this afternoon, [host Trish] Regan noted that she hopes that America doesn’t have to get itself involved in military action against North Korea in response to the country’s aggression. Instead, she suggested that perhaps we should just send in some assassins to take out North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

“There’s one other option here that we haven’t talked about,” she stated. “I know you’re not supposed to go out…and take out a leader because of international rules, decorum, et cetera, that we have. But if there is a way to get in and get rid of this crazy fat kid — then wouldn’t that do a lot in terms of saving a lot of lives here?”

Last night Fox host Jesse Watters suggested the same thing. Because taking out a murderous dictator worked out so well in Iraq, right?