Colorado Baker: Jesus Would Refuse To Serve Gays

Law Newz reports:

After the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear his case, Colorado baker Jack Phillips appeared Thursday on ABC’s The View to explain why he refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

He told hosts that the bible said marriage was only between a man and a woman. When asked if Jesus would’ve done the same, he said yes. “I don’t believe that Jesus would’ve made a cake if he had been a baker,” Phillips. “Jesus would’ve made the cake,” said host Joy Behar.

To make the cake would’ve contradicted his religious beliefs, he argued. Sitting by his attorney Kristen Waggoner, he said he would’ve served other products to the couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins, but not for their wedding.

Waggonner works for Alliance Defending Freedom, which as most of you surely know, advocates internationally for criminalizing homosexuality.