Chechen President: Gays Are Inhuman Devils And We Must “Purify Our Blood” By Removing Them [VIDEO]

TMZ reports:

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov sat for an interview with David Scott from Real Sports and it’s shocking. There are reports 27 people were recently murdered by the government – killed because they were gay, something the government has denied because the party line is that there are no gays in the country.

Kadyrov says, “To purify our blood, if there are any here take them,” and he goes on, “If there are any take them to Canada.”

And there’s more. Kadyrov challenges America, saying “Even if our government were completely destroyed, our nuclear missiles would be automatically deployed. We will put the whole world on its knees and screw it from behind.” Real Sports did the interview because it is doing a piece on MMA in Chechnya.