House Dems Introduce Resolution Of “No Confidence” In Trump: This Is Not How A Free World Leader Behaves

This morning a group of 24 House Democrats introduced a resolution of “no confidence” in Donald Trump. The primary sponsor of the measure is Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) said, “This is not the behavior of a leader of the free world, the commander in chief.” Cohen pointed to Trump’s daily lies and said that this is not a way a government or a country should be. Cohen said, “It is a sad for America today that we have come to this point that we have to say that we have no confidence in the president.”

Cohen was asked what the impact of this resolution would be, and he said it would be a strong statement against the President’s behavior. Cohen said that they expect more signees to join the resolution. Rep. Cohen stated that he thinks Republicans won’t get on board with an independent prosecutor until Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller.