UTAH: State Forced To Defend Same-Sex Marriage Against Man’s Relentless Campaign To Marry His Laptop

Remember the nutcase who sued Apple in 2013 because his computer didn’t block him from accessing the porn which ruined his marriage? And then in 2014 when he attempted to intervene in one of Florida’s same-sex marriage cases so that he could marry that porn-filled laptop? And then last year when he tried the same thing in Texas? Well, here we go again. Ben Winslow reports at Salt Lake City’s Fox affiliate:

There is no constitutional right to marry a laptop, the Utah Attorney General’s Office said in a new court filing. Responding to a lawsuit filed against Governor Gary Herbert, Attorney General Sean Reyes, and Utah County Clerk Bryan Thompson, lawyers for the state asked a federal judge to dismiss it.

Chris Sevier sued the state of Utah, arguing that if same-sex marriage is legal he should be allowed to marry his computer. He recently amended his lawsuit to include John Gunter, Jr., and Whitney Kohl, who are arguing for the right to enter into a polygamous marriage.

Sevier has a history of filing similar lawsuits in other states. He is acting as his own attorney in this lawsuit, and has been barred from practicing law in Tennessee. “Plaintiffs contend that because the courts have recognized same-sex individuals’ right to marry, this Court should further expand the right to marry to include unions between a person and a laptop computer and unions between multiple partners,” assistant Utah Attorney General David Wolf wrote in the filing.

Wolf’s filing also notes that Servier’s laptop is not 15 years old, the age of consent to marriage in Utah.

The irony here, of course, is that like in Texas, a state whose legal apparatus once fought ferociously against same-sex marriage has now been forced to defend it.

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