NYC Venue Cancels “Coming Out” Homocon Party

Breitbart wails:

Former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ “Coming Out Conservative” event has been canceled by a restaurant following left-wing protests, prompting a change of venue. The Jue Lan Club in Manhattan, New York, chose to cancel the event following threats of boycotts from left-wing activists. Chadwick Moore, the Head of Research for Milo Inc, told Breitbart Tech that “LGBT conservatives and libertarians are largely maligned and spat-upon by our peers.”

“Gay Pride is no longer about celebrating one another and the diversity in our community but instead has become little more than a marketing event for corporations and the Democrat party to pander to gays,” he continued. “To be a minority within a minority can be very isolating, and the enthusiasm we’ve seen after announcing this event speaks to everyone’s eagerness to connect with one another.”

From the event’s website:

A new venue for the party has been secured; guests will be notified of the location soon. If you are invited, don’t spread it around. It seems that in New York City, loose lips sink Dangerous ships. It is darkly humorous that a restaurant that inhabits the same space as a club as wild as the Limelight now allows itself to be controlled by leftist killjoys who are intent on shutting down gays that don’t agree with them.

The Jue Lan Club chose to buckle under to leftists, which never works in the long run because leftists are never satisfied. Unfortunately for Jue Lan, at some point, the same leftists that threatened to boycott them over MILO‘s Coming Out Conservative event will decide that white guys running a Chinese restaurant is disgusting cultural appropriation and boycott them anyways.