NORTH CAROLINA: Homocons Threaten Charlotte Pride Sponsors With Boycott If They Don’t Withdraw Support

Charlotte’s Spectrum News reports:

Deplorable Pride started as a small group. “Now everybody want’s to be a part of all this,” co-founder Brian Talbert said. Since threatening legal action against Charlotte Pride, its reach has grown. Appearing on Fox News, CNN and major conservative websites like Drudge Report.

Deplorable Pride is now using that audience to threaten a boycott of all Charlotte Pride Sponsors, including Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, and Bank of America, if they don’t withdraw support of Charlotte Pride. “We’re showing that they’re supporting an organization now that is… allowing gays to exclude other gays,” Talbert said.

This is a response to Charlotte Pride Parade rejecting Deplorable Pride’s pro-Trump float concept. Deplorable Pride joined up with Stop the Scalpings and Media Equalizer to encourage parade sponsors to pull out.

“[Charlotte Pride’s rejection sends] a signal that it’s okay to discriminate. It’s okay to exclude people,” Deplorable Pride co-founder Derek Van Cleve said. “If you’re not, ‘the right kind of gay’, then you can’t participate.”

Stop The Scalpings and Media Equalizer are part of the Media Equality Project, which was recently launched by right wing radio hosts Brian Maloney and Melanie Morgan primarily to promote advertiser boycotts of any cable news show perceived to be anti-Trump. Their first target was Rachel Maddow.

The two Deplorable Pride homocons have launched a GoFundMe drive which so far has raised $7100. According to their shitty website, they are planning to hold a “Deplorable Pride Family Reunion,” a “Deplorable Pride Ball,” and a “Miss Deplorable Pride” drag pageant.

Wells Fargo, the presenting sponsor of Charlotte Pride, has essentially told the homocons to go fuck themselves. Their statement:

Since 1992, celebrating LGBT Pride has been a part of Wells Fargo’s larger commitment to diversity and inclusion. This year we are participating in over 60 Pride celebrations across the country, both in large cities and small towns. We are proud of our long, consistent commitment to the LGBT community in Charlotte. Participating in its annual Pride parade provides us an opportunity to support and engage our Charlotte-based team members and customers. We have stood together with the LGBT Community for 30 years and we remain committed to delivering thoughtful and strategic support to the community in the future.

Charlotte Pride has issued a second statement. An excerpt:

With regard to specific inquiries on the Gays For Trump/Deplorable Pride parade float: As a non-partisan, non-profit organization, the decision to deny the application was made on several non-partisan grounds. The Gays For Trump application was initially denied because of that organization’s history of public comments and stances disparaging entire groups of people, including transgender people, people of color and immigrants.

We have since learned that the application was submitted on false pretenses by Deplorable Pride, a group not affiliated with Gays For Trump and whose organization’s name did not appear on the application, but whose leaders have also publicly espoused hostile and disparaging stances toward members of the larger LGBTQ community. Finally, we considered several concerns regarding the safety of our event attendees when denying this application.

You may recall that the husband of Gays For Trump founder Peter Boykin was caught on camera celebrating after he physically assaulted an anti-Trump protester at an October 2016 Trump rally in Greensboro, North Carolina.