Nazi Site Raises $150K To Fight SPLC Lawsuit

The Los Angeles Times reports:

A neo-Nazi blogger has been promised donations of more than $150,000 for his legal defense after the Southern Poverty Law Center sued him for organizing a “troll storm” against a Jewish woman in Montana. The donations to Andrew Anglin and the website he founded, the Daily Stormer, came in over the course of less than two months on a crowdfunding site that caters to far-right causes, overcoming the difficulties that white nationalists often face in raising money online.

The mainstream crowdfunding websites GoFundMe and Kickstarter have policies forbidding fundraisers that promote hate speech. The donations to support Anglin were made possible by a California-based site called WeSearchr, which has attracted donors hoping to fund rallies for the far-right and post “bounties” for damaging information about liberals, leftists and moderate Republicans such as Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

WeSearchr is run by notorious troll and Trump supporter Chuck C. Johnson, who is permanently banned from Twitter. His crowdfunding site keeps 15% of donations – three times as much as GoFundMe and Kickstarter.

The largest donation to the Daily Stormer reportedly came from comedian Sam Hyde, who had a show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim last year. When asked about the donation, Hyde asked the reporter if he is Jewish.

The SPLC reacts:

Even with contributions from 1,912 individuals, Anglin, who constantly alleges spending 18 hours a day on the computer, remains in hiding, penning petulant articles for the Stormer and counting the proceeds generated from his personal victim narrative.

“You must contribute to the Daily Stormer Legal Defense Fund,” writes “Azzmador,” one of the site’s most recognizable contributors. “If you are a person who cares about the existence of our race and a future for White children, this is not an option.”

Despite his lieutenants’ outcries for support, Anglin has been conspicuously silent about the SPLC’s legal complaint given his predilection for both strident anti-Semitism and pleas for financial contributions.

“The goal is to ethnically cleanse White nations of non-Whites and establish an authoritarian government,” Anglin wrote in August 2016. “Many people also believe the Jews should be exterminated. … The end goal is ethnic cleansing by any means necessary.”