Montana Dems Gift GOP House Rep. Greg Gianforte With An Orange Jumpsuit As He’s Sworn Into Office

From the Montana Democrats:

Today, convicted criminal Greg Gianforte – who, after infamously picking up another person, slamming him to the ground, and then punching him, blamed it on the victim – will be sworn into Congress. To celebrate the occasion, the Montana Democratic Party mailed him a gift.

Everyone knows you need plenty of suits to work on Capitol Hill. While millionaire Gianforte can certainly afford his own, we know he has a lot of legal fees to pay. So, we thought we’d help him out and get him started by mailing a new suit to his office in the Longworth House Office Building in Washington. An orange jumpsuit, that is.

“Greg Gianforte was previously most well-known for losing the governor’s race in a wave year. Now he’s most well-known for pleading guilty to the ‘Big Sky body slam,’” said Roy Loewenstein, spokesman for the Montana Democratic Party. “As a convicted criminal, he will be hidden by his Leadership and not given any position of influence in Washington. So, we got Mr. Gianforte a welcome gift to help his new colleagues identify him.”