MINNEAPOLIS: Gay Mayoral Candidate Introduces Himself With Amusing Ad With His Husband [VIDEO]

The Minneapolis CBS affiliate reports:

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Tom Hoch is hitting the airwaves this week with an attention-grabbing television ad. The unusual ad introduces Hoch to Minneapolis voters in a humorous way, highlighting his same-sex marriage. Hoch’s husband is featured introducing him to voters.

The Hoch for Mayor ad is a twist on a typical political storyline: the affectionate, humorously exasperated spouse responding to an incredulous house guest. “Is he always talking about improving Minneapolis?” one house guest asks in the ad. “Yea,” Hoch’s husband replies, with a sigh.

Incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges has been endorsed by the state LGBT rights group OutFront Minnesota. Minneapolis has a perfect score on LGBT rights from the Human Rights Campaign.