John Oliver Riffs On James Comey’s Testimony: Trump’s Lies Are Like An Everlasting Gobstopper [VIDEO]

The Independent reports:

“Donald Trump’s lies are never plain and simple,” Oliver said. “They’re like an everlasting gobstopper [from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory]. You’ll never make it through every layer because it was made by an insane person who should never be in charge of anything.”

The host also went after Fox News, detailing how the broadcaster “struggled to spin any positives.” A montage of various Fox pundits talking about the testimonial — in which they questioned the President’s credibility as well as labelling the situation as “damning” and “politically damaging”.

The most “infuriating” response, though, was not Trump’s paradoxical Tweet the next day, but Paul Ryan’s defence. “The President is new to this,” Ryan said, Oliver explain how that just “proves that you can live a normal healthy life without a spine.”