GEORGIA: GOP Attack Ads Spin House Candidate Jon Ossoff As Terrorist-Loving Wealthy Gadfly [VIDEO]

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

With the Sixth District race still 19 days from the finish line, House Republicans have leveled a new TV attack on Democrat Jon Ossoff, this time over Syrian refugees brought to the United States.

Some of the ominous language: “ISIS is infiltrating America, and is using Syrians to do it. The FBI warned we can’t simply screen every Syrian, and Jon Ossoff’s liberal party bosses brought 10,000 Syrian refugees to America.”

The attack ad, put out by the National Republican Congressional Committee, also attacks Ossoff’s support for the Iran nuclear deal, arguing that he would vote against any efforts in Congress to undermine it. As a congressional aide for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, Ossoff drafted a resolution demanding the inspection of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

A second ad also issued today by the NRCC characterizes Ossoff as a wealthy gadfly. See both ads below.