British Exit Polls: Theresa May Loses Majority

Politico reports:

Britain is heading for a hung parliament and days of political chaos as a shock exit poll predicted that Prime Minister Theresa May has fallen short of an overall majority. The exit poll, published as polling stations closed at 10 p.m. local time, predicts the Conservatives will win 314 seats, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour on 266. With smaller parties picking up the remainder of the 650 parliamentary seats, the projected result would leave May’s Conservatives short of an overall majority and only able to govern with the support of other parties.

But with only the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist and Ulster Unionist parties, with a handful of seats between them, likely to back her, such a result could open the door for Jeremy Corbyn to lead a minority Labour government with the support of the SNP, who are projected to take 34 seats, the Liberal Democrats, projected to win 14, the Greens, Welsh national party Plaid Cymru and the Northern Irish Social Democratic and Labour party.

It takes 326 seats to take the majority. The final result won’t be announced until tomorrow morning.