Brian Brown: This Week’s Anti-Gay Opinions By Gorsuch Show Obergefell’s End Is Coming So Send Money Now

Just in from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Decisions of the US Supreme Court announced this week establish without question what an amazing contribution that newly confirmed justice Neil Gorsuch will make to the Court, potentially for decades to come. NOM went all in to fight for Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation, and our confidence in him was validated this week.

Justice Gorsuch dissented in a case where the majority of the Court decided to force the state of Arkansas to list a non-biological LGBT parent on a child’s birth certificate. The majority of the Court relied on the Obergefell decision redefining marriage. That Justice Gorsuch was interested in a full hearing and argument of the Arkansas case where the reliance on Obergefell could be challenged is very encouraging.

With Justice Gorsuch now on the bench, the US Supreme Court has granted review in a critical religious liberty case with far-reaching implications for every person who believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. The state of Colorado has punished Christian baker Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, for refusing to use his artistic talents to support a gay “wedding” because doing so violates his faith. This case will offer a tremendous opportunity to stop the ongoing governmental persecution of anyone who does not endorse the LGBT agenda.

While a relative small number of decisions by a justice does not necessarily signal how the justice will rule on other important cases, the actions of Justice Gorsuch thus far gives us great confidence that he has the integrity and the courage to reverse the illegitimate Obergefell decision redefining marriage should such an opportunity come before him. And such an opportunity could very well come before him sooner rather than later.

While Justice Anthony Kennedy did not announce his resignation from the Court as many had speculated he would do, he or any of the other justices who imposed gay ‘marriage’ on the nation could retire at any time. And when they do, we will need to fight for the appointment of a Gorsuch-like replacement, someone who is committed to reading the constitution as it was originally constructed, and not reconstructing the meaning of the constitution to suit a personal agenda.

We’re very proud of Justice Gorsuch, and we hope you are pleased that NOM fought so hard for his confirmation. If you share our views, please consider making a financial contribution to support our work Your gift of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or $500 or more will go a long way to ensuring that we can continue to fight for conservative, “originalist” judges in the federal courts.