Brian Brown Laughably Blames Humiliating Hate March Attendance On “Delays In Issuance Of Local Permits”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Last Saturday was the 2017 March for Marriage. We had a great event, albeit a smaller crowd than in past years due to insufficient time to promote the event caused by delays in the issuance of local permits. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the presence of many great leaders in the marriage and life movements and committed supporters who came from as far away as California.

This year’s March for Marriage was co-sponsored by Freedom’s Journal Institute, and we enjoyed the presence of several of their top officials, all leaders in the African American community. We are grateful for the energy and commitment of those who attended and look forward to an even larger event next year.

Again, we are very grateful for all the support that NOM’s members have shown us over these past few weeks during the Spring Matching Campaign. While it is disappointing that we came up a little short of our goal, the fact that so many responded shows that the American people are still in the fight for marriage, and are ready to not only support our efforts to restore marriage to our nation’s laws, but to help us protect religious liberty and fight for the truth of gender. God bless you for everything you’ve done to stand for marriage, and with NOM.

As I reported over the weekend, attendance at the hate march was a laughable and humiliating 47. Including babies.