American Family Association: HGTV Is Tricking America By “Cleaning Up” Perverted Homosexuals [AUDIO]

Safiyah Riddle reports at Right Wing Watch:

Anti-LGBT activist Sandy Rios of the American Family Association responded to LGBTQ Pride celebrations across the country on Monday by calling the lives of gay men the “most sordid business” and castigating church leaders who have accepted homosexuality because gay people are “really losing their opportunity to shake loose of it.”

Rios claimed that the true nature of LGBTQ relationships is “so misunderstood” due to the “cleaned-up,” positive representations of LGBTQ couples on “HGTV, as though they’re a married couple, the same as a heterosexual couple, and that is just not true.”

“This whole business of the rainbow, and gay, and pride, is just a ruse for something that is so horrendous for the people involved. I have to communicate,” Rios said, “my heart goes out to men and women who are caught in the throes of this, who are really losing their opportunity to shake loose of it.”