ALABAMA: Roy Moore’s Hate Group Celebrates Supreme Court’s Decision To Hear Case Of Anti-Gay Baker

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

The Foundation for Moral Law, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the defense of religious liberty, applauded the Supreme Court’s decision to grant certiorari to Masterpiece Cakeshop in its case against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Foundation President Kayla Moore stated, “We are excited that the Court has agreed to hear this case, because the Court accepts less than 1% of cases presented to them. The Foundation was the only organization that filed an amicus brief urging the Court to accept this case, and we are especially gratified that the Court expressly referred to the Foundation’s brief in its order granting certiorari.”

The Commission had ruled that Masterpiece had discriminated against a same-sex couple by refusing to prepare a wedding cake for their marriage. Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece, insisted that his refusal was not based on animus toward homosexuals but rather upon sincere religious convictions.

Foundation Senior Counsel John Eidsmoe said the Masterpiece case has the potential to become a major landmark decision for religious liberty, and the Foundation will follow up with another amicus brief on the merits.

He added: “The issue is whether persons with sincere religious beliefs will be forced to violate their consciences by participating in the preparations for a same-sex wedding. At a time when the State of California has instituted a ban on state-sponsored travel to states that protect the religious rights of their citizens, someone needs to stand up for those who believe in traditional marriage. The Foundation will continue doing exactly that.”