WSJ To Trump: Loose Lips Sink Presidencies

The Wall Street Journal is behind a paywall so here’s CNN’s account of today’s editorial:

It’s not just liberal critics taking President Trump to task for his latest crisis. The conservative Wall Street Journal pleaded with the embattled president Wednesday to get his act together. In an editorial titled “Loose Lips Sink Presidencies,” the Journal recounted the administration’s most recent problems, including Trump’s disclosure of classified information to Russian officials and notes from fired FBI Director James Comey that say Trump asked him to drop an investigation.

“Mr. Trump needs to appreciate how close he is to losing the Republicans he needs to pass the agenda that will determine if he is successful,” the editorial said. “Weeks of pointless melodrama and undisciplined comments have depleted public and Capitol Hill attention from health care and tax reform, and exhaustion is setting in,” it continued. “Mr. Trump’s policy allies in Congress will drift away if he looks like a liability.”