Trump In Brussels: Germans Are Very Evil, They Sell Millions Of Cars In America And I’m Going To Stop That

Raw Story reports:

President Donald Trump is ready to fight Germany in an auto battle according to Germany’s Der Spiegel. Trump got a chilly reception at the NATO summit in Belgium after attacking fellow members.

But he was caught pledging a battle with German automakers as part of his anger with “back dues” he feels the country owes to NATO. As CNN’s Jake Tapper noted, “Trump seems to think it’s like a country club.”

In a discussion about the country’s trade surplus, Trump said “The Germans are evil, very evil.” “Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that,” sources told Der Spiegel. According to the report, EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker took up for Germany explaining that “free trade is good for all.”

Read the German-language Der Spiegel article here.