REPORT: Embassies Court Ivanka To Get To Daddy

The Washington Post reports:

The president of the Czech Republic is eager to have Ivanka Trump visit his country and he believes he has a compelling case to make. By a “happy coincidence” her mother is half Czech and President Miloš Zeman hopes that’s the opening he needs to secure a high-profile visit from the first daughter as he tries to realize the kind of relationship with the U.S. government his country has long craved.

The Czechs are just one of several countries that see the first daughter as an avenue of entry into her father’s White House, citing the image she has cultivated as culturally curious and active on policy as reason to believe she will be receptive to their outreach. A relationship with the first daughter is coveted because she and her husband Jared Kushner are top White House advisers with broad, largely undefined portfolios, stretching from domestic to foreign policy and an all-important familial connection that gives them rare influence.

As word has gotten around the diplomatic world about the potential return on investment in courting the first daughter, embassies have begun actively looking for ways to bring her into the fold, mulling invitations to gala events and cultural celebrations where they can establish a low-stakes, personal relationship with the first daughter.