One Million Moms Vs Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Right on screeching cue. Via email from One Millions Moms:

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has decided to recognize mothers in the most bizarre way this Mother’s Day. Kraft is following a trend in crude commercials and decided to air a commercial that includes foul language or bleeping and similar sounding substitute words instead of curse words.

Most companies are honoring mothers for all the good they do, but Kraft is insulting and offending its target market instead. If Kraft didn’t want to be mushy or sappy with their latest ad that is fine, but there are a million other ways to have a humorous commercial without insulting moms all across the country.

In this commercial (DO NOT watch video clip of ad while children are around), Kraft is “celebrating” mothers who swear in front of their children. Kraft suggests alternate-swear words for moms everywhere to make things right. And if they don’t, there’s always Kraft Mac & Cheese.

In the ad, a Mom who identifies as a Ph.D. “swearing expert,” says that 74% of moms have admitted to swearing in front of their kids. She then offers replacement swear words for moms to use, but in practice shows that moms use real cuss words.

Not too long ago, a major study and book, CURSING IN AMERICA, showed that less than 7% of Americans curse on the job and less that 12% curse in their leisure time. This study conflicts with the Kraft statement. “Obscene stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes—these are not for you. Instead, let there be thankfulness to God” Ephesians 5:4.

Kraft’s “Swear Like a Mother” ad is irresponsible and offensive. We all know children repeat what they hear. Is this really what Kraft thinks of us moms? Kraft just disrespected mothers on our holiday. It is never a good business practice to offend a large percentage of your potential customers, and this ad does just that.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact Kraft through our website and ask the company to pull the current “Swear Like a Mother” ad immediately! Also, encourage Kraft to be more responsible in future marketing campaigns. If Kraft wants our business, it must no longer use foul language of anything resembling it in its ads.