KENTUCKY: GOP Governor Blasts Reporter As “Peeping Tom” Over Report On Shady Mansion Purchase

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports:

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, facing an ethics complaint about the unusually low purchase price of the Anchorage mansion he’s living in, took to Twitter on Saturday to personally attack a journalist who has been reporting about the controversy. Bevin called Courier-Journal reporter Tom Loftus a “sick man” for allegedly being “caught sneaking” around Bevin’s home and property.

Bevin’s tweet, which said that Loftus was “removed by state police,” was in reference to an instance two months ago — in March — when Loftus went to the governor’s new Anchorage mansion, according to Bevin spokeswoman Amanda Stamper. The governor ended the tweet with the hashtag “#PeepingTom.”

The Courier-Journal rejected the claim that Loftus was “caught sneaking” around or that he was removed from the property. “The claims are untruthful and absurd,” Courier-Journal Executive Editor Joel Christopher said.

Loftus himself had reported in a news story in March that he had gone to the residence, where he was “met by state police Trooper Mark Treadway, a member of the executive security detail, who declined to say who lived in the house and said it was private property.”

Anchorage is a wealthy suburb of Louisville. For more on the shady mansion deal, read this.