Homocon Fox Contributor Tammy Bruce Apologizes For Mocking Autistic Boy As A “Snowflake” [VIDEO]

CNN’s Jake Tapper has been leading the call for Fox News to apologize and this morning they finally did. You can see Tammy Bruce’s original remarks in the second clip below.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce on Tuesday issued a formal apology for mocking an 8-year-old autistic child by calling him a “snowflake.” “I am so sorry to the family,” Bruce began. “My intention was never to hurt a kid and his mom. We had absolutely no idea Michael was on the autism spectrum, and as a gay woman and feminist, I’ve spent most of my adult life working to improve the lives of woman and children, and those who are disenfranchised.”

Bruce also pledged in the future to stop attacking children for political purposes, regardless of whether or not they have autism. Bruce first criticized the autistic boy after he approached Vice President Mike Pence and demanded an apology after Pence accidentally hit him in the face. At the time, Bruce mocked the boy because video seemed to show that Pence had barely made physical contact with him while he was attending an event at the White House.