Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint Resigns After Board Members Vote Unanimously To Shitcan Him

Politico reports:

Jim DeMint’s ouster from The Heritage Foundation came as a shock to the hundreds of scholars and staffers who’ve seen the organization’s political influence grow thanks to DeMint’s controversial decision to align the leading conservative think tank closely with Donald Trump.

But interviews with over a dozen sources at the center of the drama suggest Heritage’s stewards — particularly DeMint’s predecessor, Ed Feulner, and Fuelner’s sharp-elbowed protégé, Mike Needham — became convinced that DeMint was incapable of renewing the foundation’s place as an intellectual wellspring of the conservative movement.

Days of speculation, tension, and internal bickering came to a close on Tuesday: The organization’s board members voted unanimously to remove DeMint from his post as president, a decision first reported by POLITICO last week.