Gambling Sites Again Spike Impeachment Odds

CNBC reports:

Odds are that President Donald Trump will survive a growing brew of controversies, but bettors see his chances declining by the minute. Online wagering sites have been busy taking bets on whether the 45th president will make it through the year. As the heat has intensified, more action has been going toward expectations that he will be impeached before the end of the year.

As of mid-Wednesday morning, widely followed site PredictIt was indicating about a 27 percent chance that Congress would move to boot Trump out of office. While that’s barely a 1-in-4 probability, it’s up dramatically from as recently as May 8, when the probability was as low as 7 percent.

U.K.-based Paddy Power is laying 3-1 odds that Trump is impeached in 2017, and those chances have been growing as well. Impeachment talk has dogged Trump basically since his Nov. 8 upset victory. At that time, PaddyPower already had 16-1 odds, which fell to 10-1 by his Jan. 20 inauguration. Beyond impeachment, odds are 4-6, or better than even money, that Trump won’t make it through his first term, according to Paddy Power spokesman Lee Price.

Since the above-linked article was posted around noon today, Paddy Power has upped their odds.