Fired Bill O’Reilly Defends Trump: Only Morons Think Andrew Jackson Wouldn’t Have Stopped The Civil War

The Hill reports:

Ousted Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday defended President Trump’s assertion that Andrew Jackson could have averted the Civil War, attacking former CBS News anchor Dan Rather and other Trump critics as “morons.”

“You may have seen a bunch of people on cable news, and that’s one of the reasons I don’t really miss it, saying that President Trump is a moron for saying that Andrew Jackson might have prevented the Civil War because of Jackson’s skills in running the country,” O’Reilly said on his “No Spin News” nightly podcast. “So Dan Rather, who knows very little about history, and others go out and they hammer Trump like he’s a moron.”

“Trump was right,” O’Reilly said. “Andrew Jackson would not have tolerated any secession movement at all and would have moved federal troops much faster into the problem situations. James Buchanan, Old Buck, did nothing. He was afraid. And that emboldened the south. End of historical story.”