Christian Radio Show: Queen Elizabeth Is A Satanic Lizard Person And The Clintons Are Cannibals [AUDIO]

In the latest installment from Pastor Rick Wiles’ End Times radio show, we learn that children have been disappearing from Buckingham Palace tours because “Satanist Queen Lizard” Elizabeth has been eating them. Or something. Also, the royal family is hiding the fact that Queen Lizard died last week and that she had Princess Diana murdered over fears that she was about to reveal all that satanic child-eating. Oh, and Bill and Hillary Clinton are also cannibals. In fact, Bill is dying from a terrible brain disease from eating all those delicious children. Listen below and most importantly, donate. Praise! Glory! (Via Right Wing Watch)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Rick Wiles declares that God’s love is “oozing” over America thanks to Trump. Rick Wiles prays that Hillary Clinton falls down at the presidential debate. Wiles declares that Satan is using Pokemon to murder Christians. Wiles declares that the “Nazi freaks at Target” will get American destroyed in a nuclear war. Wiles declares that God will murder the enemies of Donald Trump. Wiles declares that President Obama ordered the murder of Antonin Scalia as a human sacrifice to pagan fascism. Wiles declares that gay Nazis control America. Wiles renounces US citizenship because Obergefell. Wiles declares that God will destroy the earth with a “fireball from space” because of gay marriage. Wiles declares that God is killing chickens, bees, and pigs because of gay rights. Wiles declares that God sent the California drought because of gay rights. Wiles declares that Russia will nuke the United States because of gay rights. Wiles says God will destroy America and the survivors will be the “slaves of sodomites.” Wiles says ebola could solve “America’s problem with gays and atheists.” Wiles declares that MSNBC viewers are “demon-possessed fans of the anti-Christ.” Wiles declares that God sent a plague of locusts to Egypt because Obama.