Brian Brown Rages: Donald Trump Has Again Failed To Protect Christians From Persecution By Homosexuals

Just in from hate group leader Brian Brown:

President Trump has repeatedly promised that he would do everything in his power to protect the religious liberty of people of faith and faith-based groups. It was a major factor in his election. However, an executive order he signed today, while containing some helpful provisions for pastors and religious medical providers, falls far short of what is needed to protect people of faith from governmental persecution set in motion by the Obama administration. Instead, he has punted the issue to the Department of Justice which, he says, will develop new rules to protect the religious liberty rights of people and groups.

This is the second time that President Trump has backed away from signing a comprehensive order protecting religious liberty after LGBT groups complained about the proposed actions. We cannot accept this capitulation on such a critical issue and must fight back. Will you help us insist that President Trump fulfill his repeated promises to protect the religious liberty of people of faith?

President Trump talks eloquently about religious liberty and did so again today at a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House. While he may sincerely believe in protecting religious liberty, his actual executive order does not do so in any meaningful way for the vast majority of people of faith.

As a result, Christian colleges and universities risk losing their accreditation for not accepting the LGBT agenda. Faith based adoption agencies will remain closed because they believe a child deserves a mother and a father. Churches and religious groups will be discriminated against by the government for failure to change their beliefs, prevented from receiving grants or government contracts for providing services to people in need. And Christian schools, ministries and charities will be prevented from making hiring decisions consistent their faith beliefs.

Because of President Trump’s failure to directly fulfill his repeated campaign promises, people of faith will continue to be in the crosshairs of the government, forced to choose between abandoning their beliefs or risk facing governmental persecution and complying with onerous demands of the government.

While we are disappointed that President Trump did not directly protect the religious liberty rights of people of faith, this battle is far from over. NOM is committed to fighting to ensure that the new rules that are developed by the Department of Justice are comprehensive and effective, and we will need your help in doing so.

Please help us launch a strong and effective response to fight for religious liberty. We need funds to educate Americans, produce materials including new videos and pamphlets, to organize grassroots supporters and to engage Americans to contact the administration to demand that President Trump once and for act to protect religious liberty as he has repeatedly promised to do. Your support will give us the resources we need to fight for you and all people of faith. Thank you.

Brown’s message contains ten links to NOM’s donation page.