Tourism Industry Firm Forecasts $18 Billion Annual Decline And Loss Of 107,000 Jobs Because Trump

CNN Money reports:

President Trump says he wants to keep out people who threaten the security of the United States. But his policies are discouraging tourists and threatening the American travel business, experts say. One study forecasts a 10.6 million decline in visitors this year and next. The drop — nearly 7% of expected travelers — will cost the U.S. economy more than $18 billion and about 107,000 jobs, according to Tourism Economics, a forecasting firm used by the industry.

More than half of the lost business will be caused by reduced travel from Canada and Mexico. But experts say they are concerned about tourism declines from the U.K. and western Europe as well. It’s not just leisure travel — business travel will also be affected, said Mike McCormick, executive director of the Global Business Travel Association. Nearly half of business travel managers say they’re expecting to cut back on meetings and conferences in the U.S., according to a survey by the group.