Tony Perkins: Send Me Money To Stop Millionaire Obama And His Army Of Fake News Propagators

Just in from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

I have some troubling news to share with you. Barack Obama has no intention of going away. In fact, he has set up a Washington command center in his new $5.3 million mansion about two miles from the White House. According to media reports, his goal is nothing less than to subvert the Trump presidency-and your religious freedom in the process. That’s why I am writing you today-to ask for your prayers and a much-needed contribution to FRC.

The Obama war chest is swelling. His Organizing for Action (OFA), a new incarnation of his “Obama For America” presidential campaign, has tens of thousands of radical activists on board to do his bidding. To date OFA has received more than $40 million in donations and has more than 250 offices across the country.

Obama and his allies on the Left view the election of Donald Trump as illegitimate. They would like to force his resignation or see him impeached. They will do all they can to stop him from fulfilling his campaign promises.

They are flooding the airwaves and internet with “fake news.” They are delaying or blocking his appointments to key positions. They tried to vilify his pro-religious-freedom judge, Neil Gorsuch. Part of the plan also involves a “redistricting committee.” This organization seeks to redefine congressional districts in order to benefit liberal candidates!

And let’s not forget that there are thousands of Obama holdovers in the judiciary, Congress, the U.S. military, and government agencies who are dedicated to protecting and perpetuating the former president’s radical policies.

Winning the election really did not save our liberty. The election simply granted us a temporary reprieve. It gave us a short window of opportunity to empower America’s families . . . America’s churches . . . and America’s civic organizations to take our country back.

Today, I am asking you to prayerfully consider the most generous tax-deductible gift to FRC you can manage. The demands of the months leading up to the election, along with all the research FRC provided to the Trump transition team, have put quite a strain on our available funds. With the revelation that Barack Obama is mounting an all-out offensive against faith, family, and freedom, we need to replenish those funds quickly. Please counter him with as generous a gift as God leads you today.