Pentatonix – Bohemian Rhapsody [VIDEO]

Robert Philpot reviews:

Although there were music videos before 1975, Queen’s clip that year for its now-classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” is seen as groundbreaking. That was before MTV, way before YouTube, and certainly before any of the five members of Pentatonix was born.

But the Arlington-founded a cappella group — which released its latest EP, “PTX Vol. 4 — Classics” — on Friday, is getting into the act with its own video for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a song that seems like an inevitable choice for the group to cover.

The video starts with all five group members crowding onto a sofa, and then things happen — it doesn’t get completely out-there surreal, but it does get a little weird, as if it’s asking the song’s open question: “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”