NEW YORK CITY: Preservationists Launch Interactive Map Of Historic Sites Of LGBT Activism And Culture

DNA Info reports:

Just after the 1969 Stonewall riots — largely considered a seminal moment in the quest for LGBT rights — many gay rights groups were still organizing in the shadows, quietly meeting in neighborhoods such as Brooklyn Heights to lay the groundwork for the movement.

The historic preservationists working on the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project are now trying to determine through interviews and archival materials where groups met in Brooklyn Heights are still around (which they may be since much of the neighborhood is landmarked) as they continue working to identify, document and preserve hundreds of significant LGBT historic sites across the city.

Of the 92,000 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, about a dozen are listed for their association with LGBT history. The historic sites project hopes to change that. The project, which was established in 2014, recently launched an interactive map featuring 100 sites organized by type of space, including bars, residences, medical facilities, performance venues, community spaces and more.

See the map here.

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