Marco Rubio Praises Trump’s “Legal” Strike On Syria, Denounced Obama For Requesting 2013 Strike [VIDEO]

Marco Rubio has been on every network this morning to praise Trump’s strike on Syria. From the Washington Examiner

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said Friday that President Trump had the legal authority to launch a missile attack at a Syrian airfield Thursday night, because it was a limited attack that fell short of a full declaration of war. “The president was authorized to conduct this strike,” Rubio said on ABC News. “He not asking for a declaration of war, he’s not committing ground troops over an extended period of time.”

“He was dealing with exigent circumstances, and as the commander in chief, not only does he have the right, he has an obligation to act,” Rubio said. “Obviously, if this is going to be a broader, long-term conflict, it is important that he comes to Congress because we need to pay for it, it needs to be funded on top of everything else,” he added. “And I believe that’s exactly what they will do.”