Christian Site: How To Exorcise Your House [VIDEO]

Last month the far-right Christian site Charisma News delivered a helpful clip on how to battle witches. Today they provide an instructional video on exorcising demons right the fuck out of your house. As you’ll see below, their advice literally starts with book burning. They write:

Books, knickknacks, pictures, games or even television shows may have an occult vortex that gives demons authority in your household, ex-New-Age blogger Steven Bancarz says. “These objects and books and tools, they are charged with a spiritual frequency that matches the delusion that powers are trying to create in the spiritual realm.

By holding on to these things, we are creating a bridge between these supernatural realities, what the Bible calls heavenly places that are ruled by demonic principalities in our life, our home, our soul,” Bancarz says in a new video.

They may seem inherently harmless, but Bancarz warns these objects can wreak havoc on your life. Book examples include subjects about Hindu, esoteric, Gnosticism, transcendentalism, sorcery, magic, mysticism, yoga books or any books that advocate reincarnation, among others.

Mr. Bancarz gives his advice from the front seat of his car, probably because of all the demons still in his house.