CANADA: Lesbian Toronto City Council Member Gets Letter Threatening Attack On Pride Parade [VIDEO]

Toronto City News reports:

“God says it best. Homosexuality is a sin.” Those are the first few lines of a homophobic letter sent to Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam’s office on Wednesday morning. The letter is riddled with derogatory language describing gay people, with one line reading, “Now with the police not at your f*g parade, it makes it easy to hurt you all in a big way.”

After contacting security at City Hall, Wong-Tam and her team were told to report the incident to Toronto Police, who is now investigating. But the Councillor says the note has left her staff on edge. “I think they were quite alarmed, and they were almost dislodged,” Wong-Tam explains. “I think they didn’t even want to show it to me, because they were trying to protect me.”

The Councillor says this is the fourth anonymous letter she’s received with similar hand-writing in recent years. In each of those instances a different address was used. This time, the address listed on the top left corner is that of a controversial Toronto publication, that has been banned from delivering its newspapers in the past and is being investigated by Toronto Police.

In an email to CityNews, Editor-in-chief James Sears, says neither he nor anyone associated with the New Constitution Party of Canada – an unregistered neo-Nazi party – or Your Ward News was behind the letter. “The fact that it was written anonymously yet contains our return address, was written in a very inflammatory manner, and was timed to be mailed a mere two weeks before a Board of Review into our mailing rights, makes the letter appear to be a ‘hate crime hoax’,” Sears said.

As you can see, the letter expresses support for notorious ex-gay activist Bill Whatcott, who is being sued by a local gay bar owner after infiltrating last year’s Toronto Pride parade to hand out vicious anti-LGBT pamphlets. The letter also references the banning of uniformed cops from participating in this year’s parade in a deal struck with activists from Black Lives Matter.