ARIZONA: Phoenix Pride Parade Spirals Into Ugliness After Immigration Activists Block Route [VIDEO]

The Phoenix New Times reports:

For a few brief moments this Sunday, activists from Trans Queer Pueblo shut down the Phoenix Pride Parade, unfurling a giant banner that read, “No Justice, No Pride.” As Trans Queer Pueblo explained to New Times on Friday, their message was a simple one: They want Pride to be inclusive and stand up for the rights of LGBT undocumented immigrants.

That means getting rid of the police float, refusing corporate sponsorships from banks that have funded immigration detention centers, and using the group’s political influence to lobby against laws that predominantly affect LGBT people of color.

The response was ugly. Parade attendees shouted racial slurs, pushed and shoved protesters, and attempted to start physical fights. Others chanted “Get out of our Pride” and “Go home.” Groups of bystanders booed as the protesters began marching down the parade route.

No arrests were made. Phoenix Pride has offered to meet with the protesters. Things really get heated starting around the 3:00 mark in the clip below.