Anne Frank Center Demands Trump Fire Sean Spicer Immediately For “Most Evil Slur” Of “Holocaust Denial”

Just in via press release:

In his afternoon press briefing, Sean Spicer invoked Adolf Hitler in describing Syrian President Assad. Spicer said “Even Hitler didn’t sink to using chemical weapons.”

Reaction by Steven Goldstein, Executive Director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect: “On Passover no less, Sean Spicer has engaged in Holocaust denial, the most offensive form of fake news imaginable, by denying Hitler gassed millions of Jews to death. ”

“Spicer’s statement is the most evil slur upon a group of people we have ever heard from a White House press secretary.  Sean Spicer now lacks the integrity to serve as White House press secretary, and President Trump must fire him at once.”

The Anne Frank Center is a New York-based partner of Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House and has been strongly anti-Trump in the past.