ALABAMA: Anti-Gay GOP Gov Begs Legislators Not To Reveal Lurid Adultery Details As Impeachment Nears reports:

At a hastily called news conference on the Capitol steps this morning, Gov. Robert Bentley questioned the motives of those he said have exposed embarrassing details of his personal life and urged them to stop. Bentley spoke publicly for the first time since the Ethics Commission found probable cause that he violated the ethics law and campaign finance law. “I have done nothing illegal,” the governor said. “If the people want to know if I misused state resources, the answer is simply no, I have not.”

Bentley did not name anybody but called on those who he said enjoy embarrassing him and his family to stop. “Those who would take pleasure in humiliating and shaming me, shaming my family, shaming my friends, well, I really don’t understand why they would do that,” the governor said, reading from a prepared statement. “It may be out of vengeance, it may be out of jealousy, it may be out of anger. It may be out of personal political benefit, I don’t know. But I would ask them to please stop.”

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The impeachment effort, which began a year ago, aims to resolve accusations connected with an alleged sex scandal involving Bentley’s former adviser, Rebekah Mason. The state’s Ethics Commission announced this week that it had “found probable cause to believe” Bentley violated campaign finance and ethics laws related to complaints he misused state resources to facilitate his affair. On Friday, the state’s House Judiciary Committee is due to receive a report detailing the findings of its impeachment investigation. The committee is expected to launch impeachment hearings Monday.

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Bentley then explained that the citizens of Alabama should not worry about his past mistakes because he got help in fixing them from a higher power. “For the past several years, I have struggled,” he admitted. “Last year, I got to a point where I recognized that I could not carry these burdens alone. It got to the point where I knew I could not do this by myself. That day, last May, I asked God to take these struggles and to help me carry these burdens… and I completely gave him all of me.”

Bentley has ferociously opposed LGBT rights in his state and loudly backed deposed state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore in his relentless crusades.