VIRGINIA: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Asked To Step Down After He Calls His Opponent A “Cuckservative”

The Prince William Times reports:

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart called his gubernatorial opponent Ed Gillespie a “cuckservative” on Reddit Thursday. Now, School Board Member Willie Deutsch is calling for Stewart to resign and other fellow Republicans are taking him to task for name-calling and using what they say is a racially-charged term associated with white supremacy.

Deutsch, a Republican who represents the Coles District on the school board, issued a statement today saying “conservatives in Prince William County can no longer be silent” about Stewart’s use of “racially-charged language.” Deutsch said “cuckservative” is an accusation used in the “alt-right” movement and that Stewart’s use of it signals he has “embraced the white supremacist movement.”

“The term is an accusation by the alt-right of being a race traitor because supporting tolerance and diversity means weakening the power of ‘white Americans’ (hence, cuckolding yourself),” Deutsch’s statement said. “Corey Stewart is explicitly wrapping himself in white nationalism and accusing Ed Gillespie of insufficiently prioritizing whites over other races.”

You may recall that Stewart was fired from his role as the Virginia chair for the Trump campaign after he staged an “unauthorized” protest outside of the Republican Party’s national headquarters.