TOMORROW: Roger Stone, Carl Paladino, And Michael Caputo To Face Court Over Alleged Smear Campaign

The New York Daily News reports:

A trio of conservative firebrands with ties to President Trump will go on trial Wednesday for allegedly smearing a Libertarian candidate for governor as a sexual predator. The defendants are notorious political trickster Roger Stone, bombastic Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino and political talk show host Michael Caputo.

Stone and Caputo’s names have reportedly been linked to Russian interference with the U.S. election. Paladino, who served as co-chair of Trump’s New York campaign, was criticized by the President’s transition team for making racist remarks about President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

The 2010 Libertarian candidate for governor, Warren Redlich, alleged in a 2011 lawsuit that the three conspired to undermine his longshot campaign by sending an anonymous mailer designed as a “sexual predator alert” that described him as a “sick twisted pervert” that “defends sex with children.” “If you see this man near your family, CALL THE POLICE!” it warned.

Redlich claims he expects a jury award of “much more” than $3 million. All three defendants have been subpoenaed to testify in Manhattan Supreme Court. All three deny any role in the mailer.