State Department Defends Hate Group’s Appointment To UN Delegation: We Value Diverse Viewpoints

Among C-FAM’s “diverse viewpoints” are advocacy for the criminalization of homosexuality and regular declarations that LGBT Americans are literally demon-possessed agents of Satan. The Washington Blade reports:

“The United States does seek to include individuals from civil society organizations with diverse viewpoints and allow them to observe the U.N. in action during the Commission on the Status of Women,” Acting spokesperson Mark Toner told the Washington Blade during his daily press briefing. The State Department last week announced Center for Family and Human Rights Executive Vice President Lisa Correnti and Heritage Foundation Associate for Social Issues at the U.N. Grace Melton is among the members of the U.S. delegation to the conference that is scheduled to end on March 24. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated C-FAM as a hate group, noting its strong opposition to LGBT and intersex rights.

More from Right Wing Watch:

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver are among the anti-equality Religious Right leaders coming to the defense of the Trump administration, which has been under fire for naming officials from two anti-LGBTQ groups to an official US delegation at the United Nations. Staver’s statement, published on Friday, laughably claims that C-Fam and the Heritage Foundation are “thoughtful” groups that “do not demean people with whom they disagree.” In reality, C-Fam’s Austin Ruse continuously smears and demeans the people he disagrees with, portraying advocates for LGBTQ equality as “homofascists,” threats to children and families, enemies of freedom, and even Satan’s minions. Jim DeMint, the head of the Heritage Foundation, once said wants gay people barred from teaching in public schools.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: C-FAM president Austin Ruse issues money beg to stop the “homosexual buccaneers” at JMG. Austin Ruse says JMG readers are controlled by Satan. Austin Ruse gets fired by the American Family Association last year after a guest-hosting spot on their radio network during which he declared that liberal university officials “should all be taken out and shot.” Austin Ruse claims that a Vatican priest once offered him absolution if he were to murder Hillary Clinton. Ruse is the head of C-FAM, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, which is a member of the World Congress of Families, the coalition working with NOM and others to export anti-gay hatred to foreign counties. During a speech at CPAC 2012, Ruse denounced the United Nations for issuing a resolution against the gay death penalty. Ruse is married to FRC “senior fellow” Cathy Ruse.