SETTLED LAW: Right Wingers Fret About Neil Gorsuch’s Statements On Abortion And Same-Sex Marriage

Via World Net Daily:

Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review, is not the least bit confident Gorsuch is the constitutional conservative many Republicans are hoping for.

“Gorsuch is saying that Roe is the law of the land and Obergefell, which is one of the most radical opinions ever, is ‘absolutely settled law,’” Horowitz told WND. “There’s nothing there to give us assurances that he’s anywhere on par with Scalia, and that’s the seat we’re filling.”

He acknowledged the possibility Gorsuch could be a “stealth conservative” like Clarence Thomas, but he noted Republican presidents have a very poor track record in the past 50 years of picking conservative Supreme Court justices.

Part of the reason, according to Horowitz, is that Republican nominees rarely assure the public of where they stand on controversial issues during their confirmation hearings, whereas Democratic nominees usually affirm their liberal orthodoxy during their hearings.

Indeed, Gorsuch spent much of his hearing concealing his personal opinions on hot-button issues, believing a statement of belief now would impede his impartiality in future cases.