NIELSEN: Millions More Watched Obama’s First Speech To Congress Than Watched Donald Trump’s Speech

FAKE NEWS! Via Mediaite:

Well, the overnight ratings are in from Nielsen, and as expected, President Donald Trump’s address to the joint session of Congress drew a significant television audience. However, it didn’t do nearly as well as President Barack Obama’s first address in February 2009.

Looking at seven networks that carried the speech live — ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC — the address pulled in a combined household rating of 27.8 in the overnight ratings of Nielsen’s metered markets.

In comparison, Obama’s first presidential address nabbed an early rating of 33.4, a difference of 17%. Those early numbers for Obama turned into a final audience of 52.4 million across the broadcast and cable networks. Comparably, George W. Bush’s first address grabbed 39.8 million viewers.

These numbers will be very important to only one person.